Goddess Exploration, Part I

I woke up today and decided to do my first reading with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck. Scorpio Season and Venus in retrograde have taken the peaceful little bay I’ve created for myself and people I love and turned it into an insane whirlpool of feels. People are not just becoming unmoored, but they are straight up losing their shit.

I need some help. I need some guidance. I need some positive, powerful female forces. So, I asked to see which Goddesses from whose stories I could learn the most and then apply that knowledge to help things right now. This is who popped up:

  1. Sekhmet
  2. Sige
  3. Sulis
  4. Vesta (As an aside, my Vesta is in fiery Aries and my 7th House.)
  5. White Tara
  6. Yemoja (called Yemanya in this deck.)

I love this squad of awesome Goddesses. There’s an element of Duality in their nature in some of them that I really connect with as a Gemini. There’s also a strong theme of water energy present which my Venus in Cancer is drinking up.

I tried to read from the guidebook, but I was quickly turned off from it. The summaries (and I get that it’s supposed to be short and sweet) are like Disney reimaginings. Very simple and sugary. Really disappointed.

Embed from Getty Images

An example: Sekhmet (a goddess!) led pharaohs in wartime. She was powerful, protective, but also was as much of a huntress as the lions associated with her. I mean come on, it was said evil trembled in her presence. What a powerful entity! But she protected humankind by swallowing the Nile when it flooded. Compare that to the deck’s guidebook, which simply says she was a fiery sun goddess married to Ptah, her name means strong and mighty, and she’s depicted with a lion’s head and a woman’s body.

As a woman, to see/read the Goddesses’ summaries so pared down, I feel a bit betrayed by that. I got this deck to learn about and connect with strong feminine energy. Editing out ferocity and depth is kinda disingenuous. Kinda like something a man would do. Ptah, Sekhmet’s consort, isn’t in this deck for obvious reasons. Rather than “take up space” (I’m being very generous and assuming the reason why these little bios were so superficial was to make sure they’d all fit…) by mentioning her marriage, why not talk about how she was really regarded? Evil trembled in her presence.

Embed from Getty Images

Tara is often quoted: “It is only weak minded worldlings who see gender as a barrier to enlightenment.” Women have been told endlessly that because of their gender we are not allowed to have the same spiritual intimacy and connection with divinity. Our roles are reduced and minimized and marginalized in sacred texts over and over again. A quote like this from Tara is profound and 100% resonates with the focus of this oracle deck. But hey, that quote didn’t make it into the guidebook.

I have mentioned in a previous entry why I was turned off from this deck initially after unboxing it. It’s still difficult for me to get beyond the seemingly Eurocentric aesthetic of how the Goddesses are depicted in the artwork. Again, as beautiful as the imagery may be, I think more could have been done to better represent the different cultures featured here.

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