Impromptu Relationship Reading 24 Jan 2019

This reading actually came out as I was shuffling to clean my cards after finishing up the reading I originally sat down to do. The first out were the King of Cups, Ace of Swords reversed, and King of Pentacles. Oh boy.

I asked for clarity on both Kings. To be fair, I was 90% certain who the Cups was though I do have a couple of Pisces in my life. But the Earth Sign could be so many different people. That’s always been an interesting thing: I draw in (or am attracted to?) a lot of Earth Energy from friends to lovers. Big surprise the Scorpio comes up with the Death Card. I so love Nakisha’s Rabbit Tarot for many reasons, but especially this card. Not going to lie, I had a bit of heartache seeing it and the Eight of Cups together. Sigh. I hear you.

When it comes to readings about love and relationships, I look at tarot reversals with cups as an emptying out of emotions — the person can’t be in denial or keep them contained any longer in contrast to say the Ace of Cups which is positive and jubilant and overflowing happily. In a situation like this where it clearly is in reference to a particular person or energy, I look at this and see an Earth sign with either heavy water placements or presenting as if they are very watery, which may be temporary and only in this situation. I have an ex who is a Taurus Sun with a Scorpio Moon and he is notorious for bottling up his emotions and turning them inward. Could it be him? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Knight of Pentacles and not the Page of Pentacles reads like maybe there’s been some serious thinking and they’re going to present a more mature offer, perhaps better thought out is more accurate. I’m all about that reversed Page of Wands energy. I’m over here working on me. I am not leaping into anything. No foolhardiness. If what I see isn’t exactly what I want whether it’s from somebody new or somebody I know, the response will be the same: Thanks for stopping by. It was nice seeing you. Wish you all the best.

Happy and hopeful Star Card in Aquarius Season! Knight of Swords and Air Sign power. Eight of Wands lots of messages followed by the Eight of Swords. I would love to see this as saying that being a Gemini Sun and Aquarius Rising in Aquarius Season means I’m on my horse with full clarity questing my way through total evolution. But, it could be an Air Sign on deck as well. That would mean lots of options to sort through and perhaps feeling like I’m blindly feeling my through a field of swords, no?

Guidance? Seven of Pentacles, the Empress, Three of Pentacles all reversed. These cards serve as a reminder of what to avoid.

There’s an element of adoration in the Seven of Pentacles that I see sometimes rather than (im)patience particularly in romance. So, lack of loving attention from a mate, lack of #abundance and loss of that winning Queen of Pentacles feeling, and a lack of stability.

Going back to the design of the cards, I love how the Empress Card has the bunny holding tight to cups and pentacles. That’s what I want: love and stability.

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