Unboxing: Meggan Watterson’s The Divine Feminine Oracle

A selection of the Goddesses and Figures featured in the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson
A sampling of The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson

I was so happy to finally purchase The Divine Feminine Oracle deck. When it arrived on Tuesday, I couldn’t wait to unpack it and explore. This is such a grown up collection. That probably sounds really bizarre, but I feel it’s accurate. You have the deck you might get your kid or young teenager (though even then I might question that) to introduce them to different names and faces and stories. And then you have this one. I look at the quality of the imagery, the power of it. I examine the guidebook and read the care and consideration put into the entries. This is the deck you buy for seriously connecting with the spirit and knowledge offered here.

Unboxing of Meggan Watterson's Divine Feminine Oracle deck.
The Divine Feminine Oracle

These are not caricatures visually or contextually. The background and information provided hasn’t been run through a Disney machine to sanitize everything with rainbows and smiley faces. Each individual gets about a three page write up that includes a bit of background, symbolism, cultural impact, as well as a meditative phrase and intention. This is a grown up deck. Rather than classify this as a sunny-side-of-the-street deck, I’d rather say that its tone is inline with its purpose and overall it is very motivating.

There’s quite a nice age range featured here as well, beyond the big three of maiden, mother, and crone. A woman’s age and how that impacts her appearance is (unfortunately) such a large part of the psyche. It’s refreshing to see older faces glowing with vivaciousness rather than being so weathered and perhaps diminished in spirit. For me at least, I think a person’s inner vitality is reflected a lot in their expression and demeanor regardless of age. When it comes to artistic representation of that, society’s prejudices about women who are older can dim the glow or dull the magnetism. Happy to report that every Goddess here presents powerfully, however their definition of power manifests.

The Numbers

“The potency of this Oracle rests in the variety of images of the divine feminine, not just religious diversity, but also race, culture, gender identity, mythology, and geographic location. And also all aspects of the divine feminine, from what’s considered light to dark, are exalted in this Oracle.”

Introduction, The Divine Feminine Oracle Guidebook.

The breakdown of this 53 card set is as follows: Buddhism (7), Catholicism (10), Celtic (1), Egyptian (2), Greek (3), Hinduism (9), Indian (1), Islam (3), Judaism (2), Miscellaneous Judeo-Christian (4), Native American (1), Norse (1), Roman (1), Shinto (1), Sikh (1), Sumerian (2), Taoism (1), and Yoruban (1).

Looking at these numbers, I feel even more comfortable about keeping the Goddess Guidance Oracle despite its shortcomings as there’s a good balancing of the cultures and belief systems represented between the two. Amy Marashinsky’s Goddess Oracle is up next on my to-do list and, as before, I will be interested to see who is represented in that deck also.


The breathtaking imagery radiates. That’s the best way to describe it. They radiate. I find myself wanting to examine all the details of these images from the colors used to their garments. There are many cards here I would love to be able to hang up and enjoy.

The artist for this deck is Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, She Who Is. I encourage you to pop over there and have a look at her current and future projects as well as her other art on offer. On her IG, she posted the Justice card from the Spell Casting Oracle that she’s working on. The law is a big part of my life and who I am as a person just like it was for my mother. I truly adore that Justice card.

[First reading with the Divine Feminine Oracle deck to follow.]

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