Journal: Making Room for Mabon

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Over the last year or so, I’ve infrequently posted status updates about my Book of Shadows as well as rearranging my furniture (and life) to make room for an altar. It’s become very clear to me that I need at least one day a week where I can be alone to focus on studying deities and spiritual systems, practicing my craft, connecting with ancestors, enjoying nature, etc. If I don’t take that time to recharge, I really get into trouble. Though I’m a Gemini sun who needs a bit of spontaneity, I really am at my best when there’s structured playtime, if I can call it that.

With all the reading I’m doing, I’m slowly identifying what I believe in spiritually so that I can build my practice up from there. Reconnecting to nature and wildlife, I really want to observe the wheel of the year as much as possible relating to the Sabbats. While I don’t identify as Wiccan, I very much desire to have a nature-celebrating practice and trend toward a panenthesitic view. That is to say, I believe the Divine, God, Spirit, is separate from us humans, but is very much in nature, the elements, and a variety of other experiences. Animism is also a big part of my belief system and I’m slowly feeling along those roots, if you will, to see where they go. Because of my love for nature and animals, I really want to incorporate as much of the Wheel of the Year as possible.

Coming up on Fall, I’ve decided that my first proper go will be for Mabon. At the end of this post will be the links (videos) I have been going through to put together my game plan for celebrating Mabon. Feel free to check them out as there is lots of information on lore and deities as well as activities like tarot spreads, crafts, and spell work.

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It isn’t just that I live in the humid Southeastern United States and can’t wait for the heat (and Hurricane Season) to be over. The seasonal scents and food, I love. The cool evenings, dry clear nights, the peacefulness. I feel like during fall and winter there is a stillness at night that isn’t there during spring and summer. The energy is more calm and gentle. While hurricane season doesn’t officially end until the last day of November, Mabon falls toward the down swing (hopefully) of the season. Also being near the end of September, historically the most active and dangerous month, there’s a kind of relief that sweeps through. We may not be out of the woods yet, but we can see lights through the trees, you know?

Mabon just seems like a natural fit for my first observance as a witch. The biggest hindrance to developing my practice and observing Sabbats is I don’t have my altar properly set up. It can be used for short workings and divination readings, but because this desk doubles as my main work area nothing on here can be left for more than maybe an overnight.

This brings me to the next factor that encouraged me to aim for Mabon. The desk, which I will be converting to a full time altar and magickal space is a very big roll top desk. It’s going to eventually be moved to the wall to my left and be situated between two bookshelves full of magickal books and elements for spell work. This means I will need to buy and assemble another desk to function as my main computer and work station.

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I underestimated how emotionally draining it would be to go through and unpack all of my family photos, albums, and historical documents. It’s taken me a good few months to recover from it, but I completed that goal. This week, I found myself clearing out my current desk and oeganizing it for its eventual relocation. There’s one small bookshelf and a mini filing cabinet that I want to go through before completing the furniture rearranging.

Here again is a theme of Mabon: shedding, getting rid of what no longer serves me, clearing out and cleaning, making room for the healthy and positive. My living area is relatively small in this condo. So, to have decades of paperwork about debt, loss, missed opportunities, death, isn’t the best thing to keep in any circumstance really. I doubt it will be as painful as the photos, but I’m sure it will get emotional. I know now what my limits are and to take breaks so that I can stay motivated to complete this change in a month.

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In my spare time, I’m putting together some recipe ideas for a special dinner. There’s a spell with three apples I want to do as well and hope to have a write up of that to post. In a video by Jenna of The White Witch Parlour on YouTube, the idea of a yearly blessing jar was brought up as Mabon is described the witch’s Thanksgiving. The apple spell is an adaptation of one she uploaded as well and will incorporate a few ideas inspired from this apple harvest ritual. This is a practice I’m going to adopt in addition to my little gratitude list that I jot down in my Witchy date book.

Deity worship is not just something I consider to be important to my path, but I enjoy learning about the history, avatars, lore, cultures, etc, related to each God and Goddess. This is another area I want to look into for spell work around and during Mabon. Persephone immediately leaps to mind. My maternal grandfather was a Virgo and my paternal grandmother was also a Vigro. I may do a special tribute to them in September while I’m at it.

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I’m so looking forward to having a permanent setup so that I can have photos of family and a special place all just for them. I miss seeing their faces. I miss them, really. It brings me such joy to write on this blog, to research and learn new things. Maybe nobody will ever see this site. All I know is that as I grow spiritually, as a woman, as witch, this feeling of peaceful contentment deepens. I feel more grounded, connected, prepared.

There will be a new page added here soon that will be kind of like a reading list. It will cover many religions, traditions of Witchcraft, divination, mythology and lore, deity and ancestral work. I’m not sure at this point I will do in depth reviews. Maybe a quick paragraph once I’m done witch each title. It’s really to chart my own witchy education as well as offer a bit of guidance to those of us who perhaps can only purchase one book at a time or love in a small. Conservative community that prevents them from using the library.

Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials: Mabon

Speaking of, I’m working through Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials for Mabon. It would be nice to get the whole set in print to have. They’re quite pretty.

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