I know I’ve been inactive on here for most of October and now November. My family has been hit with some major health issues. We are okay, but suffered some financial setbacks because of it. Thankfully, it seems everything will be back to normal on the health side of it with time.

I’m still waiting for a couple things to shake out before I can say one way or the other if I will have time to get back into posting more regularly on here and Instagram. Bills gotta get paid.

Many of us don’t realize that it isn’t just about being sick and recovering. Both require time and not every employer or employment contract allows for either. I’m not afraid at this point, though the worst case scenario (financially) is a real possibility. The waiting for others to make a decision about our future is the worst.

There are a few little money-related workings that I will be doing just to try and tip the scales in our favor to get us through this.

It’s easy for financial pundits to tell a family that they need three months worth of income saved in the bank. What is that, twelve syllables? Life happens though. That doesn’t mean we live beyond our means or are irresponsible with money. Shit happens. And I wish people would stop shaming others about it.

The most important part is that my family member is alive and will seemingly make a full recovery. Their long-term health and ability to generate income are still up in the air. So the balance of that responsibility is shifting.

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