Swimming with a Scorpio

Got into a rather serious row with my Scorpio friend earlier tonight. I took it personal and he followed in kind. We wound up talking it out almost right after it went down.

Though he was right about what we were arguing over, I brought something into it that while related — didn’t have anything to do with what happened.

A couple months ago we had that big row and I got what I thought would be the closest I’d ever get to an apology for what was said from him. Well, he apologized for all of it tonight.

I was floored. That’s a big deal. The things he said justโ€ฆ I love his heart so much.

The weapon we used to hurt each other earlier was the same: how people perceive us. It was so analogous to how people also perceive Scorpio — that hard shell, the pinchers, the poisoned tail. Not very cuddly on the outside. But man, there are so many instances when I just want to hug him when I see his tenderness hiding away in there. His heart is deep. Not just buried under the armour, but deep in its own capacity.

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A Skeleton Walks Into a Bar

Forgot to post these calavera themed bottles from my trip to Total Wine last night.

On the left is tequila reposado and on the right is tequila blanco, both by Dona Celia.

I collect all things Dia de Muertos, from plates to figurines to stuffed toys and art. It’s a holiday that I care very much about, but also try to incorporate its values and practices all throughout the year when it comes to those who have passed.

Sadly, I’m not a tequila drinker, but these bottles were beautiful. Wish I could’ve picked up at least the black and yellow one. Interestingly enough, my maternal grandmother collected ornate fragrance bottles and glass figurines. I adore extravagant and artistic packaging. Definitely will keep an eye out closer to my birthday.

Tres Amigos

I’m such a sucker for packaging. Picked up some vodka today to make some Florida Water and stumbled across this trio.

Going to tweak the recipe: red for love intentions, white for cleansing, and the blue I might do for inner work.

I saw Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head also had this beautiful large skull with an Aurora Borealis finish that is filled with a vodka made different from the original CHV. But I couldn’t justify shelling out 70 dollars for it right now. Maybe closer to my birthday.

I’m not a vodka drinker and bought this purely for magick work. However, it is supposed to be rather tasty. To make room for the oils and herbs, I’m gonna need to drain some off anyway ๐Ÿ‘€ and I do have some fresh Cara Cara orange juice in the fridge.

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Skulls and Pentacles

Sheโ€™s called Moonlit Manor and I found her in the clearance Halloween section of the art store.

Personally, I think she embodies my two favourite cards in tarot: the Death card and the Queen of Pentacles. Her body itself is woody like a tree with rose vines complete with a moss-like texture.

Her face is beautiful and serene. She holds a skull in one hand and the other is outstretched almost like the Queen of Swords. The roses are big and beautiful. Life and death in one lovely piece.

I canโ€™t help but also think of Persephone, half in the underworld and half amongst the living. Those roses are as red as pomegranate.

Acceptance is Not Consent

I was reading the awesome horoscopes on The Hoodwitch by Jessica Lanyadoo and this statement under Aquarius (my rising sign) resonated strongly:

Acceptance is not consent, itโ€™s awareness.

Jessica Lanyadoo

If you are unfamiliar, definitely check out both sites linked above and also The Hoodwitch IG and Jessica’s IG. Really great resources full of knowledge that also broadens cross-cultural awareness. And it’s always great to come across people who very clearly love what they do.