Journal: Making Room for Mabon

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Over the last year or so, I’ve infrequently posted status updates about my Book of Shadows as well as rearranging my furniture (and life) to make room for an altar. It’s become very clear to me that I need at least one day a week where I can be alone to focus on studying deities and spiritual systems, practicing my craft, connecting with ancestors, enjoying nature, etc. If I don’t take that time to recharge, I really get into trouble. Though I’m a Gemini sun who needs a bit of spontaneity, I really am at my best when there’s structured playtime, if I can call it that.

With all the reading I’m doing, I’m slowly identifying what I believe in spiritually so that I can build my practice up from there. Reconnecting to nature and wildlife, I really want to observe the wheel of the year as much as possible relating to the Sabbats. While I don’t identify as Wiccan, I very much desire to have a nature-celebrating practice and trend toward a panenthesitic view. That is to say, I believe the Divine, God, Spirit, is separate from us humans, but is very much in nature, the elements, and a variety of other experiences. Animism is also a big part of my belief system and I’m slowly feeling along those roots, if you will, to see where they go. Because of my love for nature and animals, I really want to incorporate as much of the Wheel of the Year as possible.

Coming up on Fall, I’ve decided that my first proper go will be for Mabon. At the end of this post will be the links (videos) I have been going through to put together my game plan for celebrating Mabon. Feel free to check them out as there is lots of information on lore and deities as well as activities like tarot spreads, crafts, and spell work.

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Journey Update: Altar and Book of Shadows

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I called the delivery company and the office chair I ordered to arrive last Monday will be here tomorrow. Mercury Retrograde for you. One of the biggest hindrances in getting research, writing, and organisation done is that the chair Iโ€™ve borrowed from the living room is super uncomfortable. On one hand, itโ€™s probably healthy for me to get up out of it and walk around every thirty minutes or so. But when I have to sit in it for extended periods of time, it leaves me sore and with deep muscle discomfort or cramps. Really, really hoping that chair is going to get here tomorrow.

On a happier note, I cleaned out one side of my bedroom so that I can get some additional bookcases sorted. Whilst shopping around for storage solutions, I spotted these really cool display shelves that are about the size of the boxes my tarot and oracle decks came in. The plan is to put the boxes on the display shelves and then hang the bag with the deck in it underneath. With five decks total, Iโ€™ll need three packages of the shelves. Theyโ€™re $20 a piece, so Iโ€™m gonna shop around and check out some DIY alternatives.

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