Unboxing: The Lover’s Path Tarot

When I first saw photos online of The Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr, I felt emotional. It was more than being moved. It was stronger, deeper. I love tarot decks and there are dozens Iโ€™d love to have. But there was this pull to have it. Like my heart ached for it. The booklet I will definitely use as the Major Arcana are connected to different couples.

This second photo gives examples of the High Priestess (Shahrazade and Shahriyar), the Empress (Cleopatra and Caesar), the Emperor (Arthur and Guinevere), the Hierophant (Romeo and Juliet), and the Lovers (Isis and Osiris) cards. Thereโ€™s a lot of opportunity to do extra research into the history of the personalities of these couples and how they connect to the archetypes of their traditional Tarot card counterparts.

So, so beautiful. And they feel great in the hands.

Aces of Suits, The Death Card, and Queen of Coins
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Tarot Spread: The Ocean Spread by Kiki’s Cauldron



The last month or so I have been healing and resting by the ocean. This spread was inspired by that. This is a longer, more in depth reading for self discovery. I have found it to be a playful and soothing read. This tarot spread will be featured in the July 2018 edition of Witch Way Magazine, along with articles Iโ€™ve written on Florida Water and shell divination. I hope you enjoy!

this is beautiful

My gosh, what an amazing spread! And with Cancer season round the corner!

Iโ€™ve always felt super connected to water and sea life. While Iโ€™ve never lived super far inland, the times that Iโ€™ve lived further away from the coast than what would allow me to visit it regularly severely hampered my ability to recharge. In fact, during those parts of my life I would find a similar (though much less potent) effect by watching videos of waves on beaches or HD scuba exploration. I was taking a lot of long hot baths and visiting the pool also to just float and feel the water envelop me.

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Tarot Illuminati: Queen of Pentacles


22 May 2018


  • Practical, down-to-earth and caring person.
  • Strong focus on health, diet, nutrition, exercise and body.
  • Yoga, massage, physical therapy, breastfeeding, cookery.
  • Watch your weight, access your diet, stick to exercise plan.
  • Motherhood. Possibility of pregnancy. Fertility.

Life is providing you with an abundance of nourishing goodness and richness, and many resources. Missing resource can be created from another source.

  • Everyday realities of relationship, home environment.
  • Budget and money issues. 

The relationship must gave some grounding in everyday world.

Some practicality may be required for any future relationship decisions.

  • Work/career: abundance of results, rich harvest due to hard work and efforts.

Iโ€™ve seen a lot of Queen of Pentacles (my favourite card), but this is just stunning. From the Tarot Illuminati (Lo Scarabeo) deck created by Kim Huggens and Erik C. Dunne.