Hi, I’m Emee a/k/a The Queen of Pentacles n Ping.

My intentions for having this blog were to: 1) document my journey from disillusioned Born Again Catholic back to a practicing solitary witch; 2) discuss deep-rooted issues relating to spirituality, sexuality, relationships, and politics through the lens of a woman in her 30s going through a massive inner overhaul; and 3) connect with others who are considering making a change, have already taken the first steps in a similar journey, or are perhaps already firmly established on their path.

I, like many people who grew up in a family with strong ties to Christianity, don’t really have a support system or any relatives I can turn to to share my growth and struggles as a Baby Witch. While I do find it very sad and isolating that I probably will never be able to step out of the broom closet entirely (mostly due to my father and step-mum’s religious beliefs), it’s more upsetting to me that I don’t have a way to share my excitement when I have an experience or learn something amazing or notice instances of beautiful synchronicity. That is, until I decided to create this website.

There have been many times over the last six months when a post on Tumblr (R.I.P.) or Instagram has reminded me that there’s a whole world out there beyond my zip code of people who are accepting and supportive and welcoming. On the days that I have battled with destructive religious programming, I spent the evenings driving along the Gulf of Mexico listening to podcasts of witches, pagans, and other amazing people sharing their knowledge and experiences. Laughing and crying along with them during their stories has helped me to remain positive and motivated as I work my way through this stage of self discovery and understanding.

Dreams, tarot lessons, mythology, insights on shadow work, asking myself the big questions about what I believe — and all the rest of the things that go into creating a strong foundation for my craft have a home here. Maybe no-one will ever read this, or maybe a million will. If someone who is unsure about answering the call they hear deep within for change or just struggling to find people to relate to on this journey comes across the site, reads a post, and feels better — that’s enough for me.

The Internet, particularly in these political climes, seems to have more fountains of hate, intolerance, and discrimination than I remember in all my years of using the computer (My Windows 3.1 and AOL 2.5 Crew where you at?!). Let this site and its content serve as a virtual haven for those seeking shelter from the toxicity out there.

As I will it, so may it be.

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