Energy’s Impact on Unborn Children

I was journaling in my Book of Shadows about Soul Fragmentation and trauma when I started to think about fetal development.

From this University of Maine bulletin: When children are faced with physical or emotional stress or trauma, the hormone cortisol is released. High levels of cortisol can cause brain cells to die and reduces the connections between the cells and certain areas of the brain harming vital brain circuits. Two important possibilities here: damaged or miswired.

Regarding a baby in the womb:

At 10 weeks, the brain and kidneys are functioning.

At 19 weeks, senses are developing.

At 23 weeks, hearing is developed enough to pick up your voice and heartbeat and the sense of movement has developed enough to feel the mother’s major movement.

At 28 weeks, vision is developed enough that bright continuous light outside the mother’s body may be detected.

That’s mostly second trimester development. This is purely from a physical/anatomical time line, the progression of awareness and sensitivity a baby has inside its mother. If stress can negatively impact an infant’s brain development, what about an unborn baby who has reached these milestones of growth? And what about the potential for injuring the spirit of that baby or at least negatively impacting its energy?

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Project: Book of Shadows, an Update!

The cover and first phase of the Book of Shadows project is done. So, so pleased.

I’m going to set up a refillable monthly calendar on the front interior cover and a folder system or pocket in the back, I think.

For me, Tarot is a big deal. Between Tarot Meditations, symbolism, and all my Tarot Spreads, I’m thinking I need to put all that in its own binder.

The first page(!) is my to-do list. Got the sections sorted and I can’t wait to start. My heart is so full. This is just so lovely. It may not be Martha Stewart Perfect, but it’s 100% mine.

Project: Book of Shadows, Stage One.

Aiming to finish the cover on my Book of Shadows today! So excited. This is a big change for me and a celebration. Since I’m going with a binder format, making it my own is the best way to put my energy into it.

The padding feels great with three foam layers and sits even with the buckles on the back. No wobbles at all! The paracord corkscrew pattern turned out wicked with the black and white glow in the dark cords for the security bands. It’s a perfect match to the skeleton fabric. The place holder is a strand of glow in the dark beads as well. It all glows an amazing green shade.

For the inside covers, I might put cork board for reminders or perhaps something else. Still deciding on that part.

Project: Book of Shadows, The Cast

Project Book of Shadows will start tomorrow!

It’s a 4in D-ring binder. As romantic a notion it is to have a hand bound grimoire or the like, I have to have everything easily organized. Dividers, alphabetical, chronological, expandable – much easier to do with a binder.

Foam padding will go on the outside in order for the glow in the dark skeleton fabric covering it to sit flush around the buckles. For added security, a pair of glow in the dark paracord bands will keep the binder shut and help once it gets packed full of pages.

The little skull beads are made of Howlite as it turns out. I didn’t know Gemini was the zodiac correspondence until earlier today. Rather fitting along with being a stone that provides protection and a sense of calmness and clarity.

Howlite is a potent guardian stone.  Use it to protect that which you value – both physical possessions and spiritual values.  

They are also useful for travelers and adventures to take with them on their travels as insurance against harm.

Howlite, Crystal Vaults.

Death has proven to be a rather frequent visitor in my life. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to and comforted by images of skulls, calaveras, and skeletons. I know I can always speak to and consult with loved ones who have passed, but the Day of the Dead is the holiday I treasure the most. For obvious reasons.

Journey Update: Altar and Book of Shadows

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I called the delivery company and the office chair I ordered to arrive last Monday will be here tomorrow. Mercury Retrograde for you. One of the biggest hindrances in getting research, writing, and organisation done is that the chair I’ve borrowed from the living room is super uncomfortable. On one hand, it’s probably healthy for me to get up out of it and walk around every thirty minutes or so. But when I have to sit in it for extended periods of time, it leaves me sore and with deep muscle discomfort or cramps. Really, really hoping that chair is going to get here tomorrow.

On a happier note, I cleaned out one side of my bedroom so that I can get some additional bookcases sorted. Whilst shopping around for storage solutions, I spotted these really cool display shelves that are about the size of the boxes my tarot and oracle decks came in. The plan is to put the boxes on the display shelves and then hang the bag with the deck in it underneath. With five decks total, I’ll need three packages of the shelves. They’re $20 a piece, so I’m gonna shop around and check out some DIY alternatives.

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