Queens of Pentacles

Though I am a Gemini Sun, I have always felt a very strong connection with the Queen of Pentacles card. It is the card I identify as my personal signifier in readings.

Why the Queen of Pentacles?

When I was a teenager, I wound up being the rock for a lot of my family. As I’ve gotten older, I’m in that role of keeping it together and moving. The fixer, the cleaner. When people start to drift or get knocked around in the waves, I’m the dock. And as Wu-Tang Clan said: Cash runs everything around me. The bills need to be paid and will be paid. There’s a roof over your head, a car in the garage, money in the bank, and food in the refrigerator. The planner, the detail-person, the point-woman. You think it up, we put a plan together, and bring that down to earth and into reality. Queen of Pentacles stuff.

Here’s a collection of Queen of Pentacles from various tarot decks that I adore. Clicking the cards themselves will take you to a site featuring the deck.

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